KGR005 - Retro Replicas

We are incredibly excited to bring you KGR005 - remastered 1994/5 Altrincham home and away shirts, reproduced to the highest quality with the faintest touch of creative licence.


After hours and hours of trawling eBay and the internet, we realised there are very few retro kits out there - and one, in particular, was as rare as a Stuart Coburn goal. 

For the last eight months, we've worked with one of the UK's most up and coming shirt manufacturers to produce a high-quality recreation of the iconic stuttered stripes.

We have had the club’s previous crest remade and embroidered onto all shirts and the now-iconic stuttered stripe design is replicated exactly as it was in the 90s, when Alty got to the 3rd Round of the FA Cup and drew Tottenham Hotspur.


This product is a pre-order only product.

Once ordered, there will be no further chance to buy.

Once the pre-order finishes (Thursday 4th September), we will place the order and it will take between 4-6 weeks due to the current pandemic to arrive.

This kit is an unofficial kit.


However, the club's directors were made aware of its existence prior to launch and throughout the sampling process.


Profits from this kit will be spent on the newly  launch fan zone, additional flags and displays for the upcoming season


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